Stanley’s letter

Dear Mom and Dad,
Since I have arrive at camp, my friends been pretty nice to me, I’m doing fine here and we will do lots of activities. I have already learnt how to water-ski and we have been running pretty hard obstacles course too. Camp is really hard, but I’m trying my best, one of my friends’ even helps me with the activities. The lake is really nice and clean, so I also have a good time swimming too. I also lost some weight and starting to become healthier, I guess this camp is much better than “Camp Fun and Games”.
My friends are really nice, so is out counselor, they are awesome and also taking good care of me, don’t worry…
In our rooms, we have nice and comfortable beds, the size is not that big but it’s OK, the room is also very nice and we can get clean clothes everyday. The beds are soft so we always have a really nice sleep. We can even have our own tables so I can write to you all the time without anyone disturbing me, and we have cards and games too, so I not that bored in my free time, and there’s fans in every room, so in the hottest days, we can still keep our self nice and cool.
The weather is nice and very comfortable, and if it’s hot, we can go to the lake to cool off. We even have a room for entertainments, there’s TV, couch, games and all kinds of stuff. The food here if fine too, it’s not too bad, but I still misses the meals I usually have from you, Mom. Here at camp we can always have water to drink and good foods to eat, the shower is kind of nice too.
Well, I have been having a great time here at camp but will still hope for the day when I come home, so wait for me.


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