Language B: My Own Carbon Diaries

Mon, Jan 3rd ( 1st entry )

Today is a very different day, carbon rationing has begun!! I’m quite happy ‘cause less carbon, no global warming or climate change, and there will be more fresh air, but even though things are going to be better that way, I’m still pretty sad. Now we cannot use electricity as much as we want anymore. I wonder if carbon rationing will ever stop, since climate change is already bad enough, but I guess we will have to wait until everything is in order again before the government wants to end carbon rationing, and it’s going to be while until then, so sad….

😛 Even-though lots of people hate this stuff, I’m not that sad about it. The biggest problem for me right now is I’m worried about some of the school and study issues and things like technology, but I’m not worried about the fact that we will have less time to go out to play with our friends or chat with our friends on the computer or anything like that. I’m so glad that I’m not that type of girl who goes out everyday ‘cause if I was, I would be panicking about that matter right now…I’m just so surprised that not many of the girls are going CRAZY because of this, but if they do, I guess they will get used to it sooner or later.

😦 Today was boring!! I didn’t know what to do. Besides reading books and doing homework, I can’t find anything else to do that is fun…That’s all I have for today, no more to say, the entire day was just boring………

Tues, Jan 4th ( 2nd entry )

😦 Another day of carbon rationing, so far things at school have been terrible. Lots of activities are nearly impossible to do, and there are lots of things that I like, but we can’t use much electricity anymore. Many activities like using the sewing machine, goin’ on camp, using the computer lab, blah blah blah things are like…impossible, and I’m really sad ’cause sewing was one my favourite things to do at school, so sad…


At home is no different, now me and my younger brother have to plan the time about how we would use the computer, mostly for our studies, and then the food matters. I’ve been thinking about the fact that we can save a bit of the energy we use everyday and act a bit like the Japanese people, we could eat fresh fish or raw meat once in a while like that but it’s kinda creepy too… I’m spending some of my free time now on works at home, like washing the clothes by hand to save up some more energy, but it’s so boring, and when I’m not doing anything, I just don’t know what to do !!

The street is quite messy now, sometimes there is panic buying and it makes things become very difficult and there have been rumors about protest and violent things too, but I don’t wanna talk about it. Many people lost their jobs too, some companies and industries are goin’ MAD and some jobs have become pretty much useless, so sad. My dad is also really busy right now too, and I don’t feel so good about this. It makes everything very unpleasant. I worry about this, I’m just gonna stop there and end it here for today, see you later diary….

Fri,  Jan 7th ( 3rd entry )

So boring!! Every day looks the same! 😦

Most of my hobbies are like…banned, and school is boring, we can only sit around and write all day. The only fun here right now is PE and Art time, no more Technology, and we can only write essays in English class now, and it’s so BORING!

There’s a math test coming up. We have to prepare for the test. I miss Mathletics (an online math program), I don’t use computers much anymore, so I won’t be playing for a LONG time. I miss using the sewing machine too, even though we don’t need to use it at school anymore… I never thought I would miss all of these things. I have been thru so many things, but it’s quite sad to see that I won’t be able to do that stuff for while.

Daddy has been really busy today. He has been trying to work out the problems at work. He’s been wandering around the house for hours now, OMG… I heard the news about an earthquake in Japan, geez, I know some of dad’s Japanese friends, and I like them a lot too. I hope they are OK. There’s a man who is kinda lucky, while Japan was “shaking”, he was on a business trip to…somewhere else… Dad’s been wandering around the house (again, obviously…). He looks worried, and mom just keeps saying “They will be fine, don’t worry…” again and again to her self and to dad. I guess they are worry about those people in Jp.


Aaahhhh!! It’s so boring here (!!), I want to use the computer so much!! Even though I don’t miss Facebook as much as my friends at school, I’m so freaking bored, I can’t watch anime film or read manga online anymore, and those were one of my favorite hobbies too… Nah, I’m done for today, I’m too tired to say anything else… 😦

Sat, Jan 8th ( 4th entry )

🙂 Yay! It’s Saturday, no school (!!) but still, I don’t know what to do!! Waking up and then falling asleep again and again…That the only thing I could do right now huh…

Oh my god!! I just remember somethin’ about the earthquake thingies in Jp, I remember that one of dad’s friends has a family and a baby too (to think about it, I never knew what that guy was doin’, I know them but I never thought of asking what they were doin’ or where they are), I wonder if they are OK… Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to the new tower they were building for Jp and the old Tokyo Tower… The new one is not completed yet, it would be a waste if the new tower falls down. It just reaches Tokyo Tower’s height. Hard work will go to waste if that happens… So sad… 😦

I wanna bake a cake!! It’s been a long time since I made cake, but I can’t, ‘cause it uses up carbon, but still, I want to use it a lot. It’s so boring at home; well…it’s boring everywhere… Come to think about carbon issues, I read this book “Carbon Diaries”, the family in there never think of moving and living somewhere else, why is that ?? I know it would use up their carbon points, but why don’t they just stay out of England for a few days at least… (??) Life is full of confusing things that I will never understand, unless the teachers know what the answer is though…

Oh boy…now I remember something really important: college… or university, I don’t know… how am I gonna solve that problem now?? Geez, I don’t even wanna talk ‘bout that… OK…now I don’t have anything left to say, I’m out of ideas, geez…

Mon, Jan 10th ( 5th entry )

😦 I was late for school today, but that’s a normal thing now, since we can’t use cars much right now anyway… It’s not really boring, the teachers try to entertain us once in a while for fun by playing physical and thinking games and things like that, but it’s not very entertaining either. Everyone is getting used to it now. All I ever do in my free time is to watch the boys play soccer. It’s amazing for them to never bore of playing it. 🙂

I just had a boring afternoon when I got back home. My younger brother was running around like a dog. Then sat around and ate like a pig, such an annoying boy he is. At that time I just kept wondering what would happen in the future, like what if our family falls apart ( ?? ), or the society goes MAD ( !? ), that would be horrible, but all of that ideas is from that Carbon Diaries, so I don’t think it would really happens, but there is a possibility, in life, anything can happen…

There was big news about some people or island being under water or something-what a disaster… Lots of people needed help, and they lost their home too. Many people thinks it’s caused by Global Warming, well I also think the same way anyway…Back when we could actually use electricity as much as we wanted to, there were people on TV who think that low land countries like Holland gonna be under sea water because of the sea water level rises, and what caused that (?? ), Global Warming of course, but what are the causes of Global Warming ( ? ). We are, and that’s why we are having carbon rationing…What an interesting thing to know. Friends at school would probably think I’m a nerd now…Geez, sometimes I don’t even know why I know so much about this stuff 😛 ……

….Now I’m happy again. It’s only for while but at least I had fun !! I had a baking lesson today, well it’s not actually a BAKING lesson,and I didn’t have to worry ‘cause we DIDN’T need to bake it! It was a No-Bake Apple Pie !! I can make cake now (!!), YAY!! It’s been such a long time since I  made a cake ( even though it has just been a few days, but it felt like FOREVER !! )….

                   Slice of Key Lime Pie With Garnish - Royalty Free Clipart Picture                       Slice of Blackberry Cheesecake - Royalty Free Clipart Picture                  

Aaahhh, it’s so boring again !! I have nothing to do again… Homework ?? Already finished it… Baking ? NO can do… Drawing ? Already spent 2 hours for it… 😦 Nothing, nothing to do at all !! Why does my life have to be so unfortunate !? Why does it have to happen to me !? Why now !?  Back in the days, I usually wasted hours of my life for things that I enjoy like baking, but now I’m wasting my life by sitting around like a pig ! And I hate it !! Nothin’ more to say….!!


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