Australia Day Evaluation

Australia Day Evaluation

On Wednesday, January 26th was the Australia Day Fund-raiser Day, it was held to raise money for the Hap orphanage in Cambodia, which is also the place where the year 6, 7 and 11 will visit for camp the upcoming weeks, which is exactly on Feb 28th . 10,129,000 VND or $500 was raise from the work of the year 6 and 7 student, and this money will be use to buy a water tank for the orphanage…

The fundraiser at the canteen area and food to sell.

The fundraiser was taken place in and near the canteen at the AIS Primary campus, APSC compound in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Our goal was to raise enough money to buy a water tank for the Hap orphanage, and we did achieve our goal, but we never thought that we would went overbroad by raising an amount of money up to 10,129,000 VND ( $500 ).

Before the Australia Day, everyone in the Yr.6 and 7 were all planning how they would work their stall, a lot of things were going on at that time, everyone was all working very hard to get everything ready and worry about many things like food, drink or tools, the preparation… etc. Everyone was a part of it; they all have a job to do. The Australia Day was so important at that time that our humanities teacher has to ask some other teachers to give some extra time in class like in technology, science and art class for time to make poster. Many of the yr.6 and 7 were really busy; some was planning to sell pizza, cupcakes, drinks, and a Vietnamese snack “Banh trang” (rice paper) along with some extra things…Beside the stall preparation, many poster and flyers were made to represent stores and also to put on the walls so the primary student would know about the event.

The busy Yr.6 and 7 students.

The boys who were selling Vietnamese rice paper snack.

When Australia Day finally came, mostly everyone was in Aussie clothes, and all of them look great too! There were also some girls who got their own clothes for their team and it look really cool, with the word “Aussie” at the back. It was really great to have our own stall and able to sell the goods we make to the little kids too, and since everything went out well and successful, everyone’s effort didn’t come to waste. Before that, many things was happening, most of the year 6 and 7 were really busy selling their things, especially the girls team who were selling drink and milkshake and a boys team who was selling the Vietnamese mix rice paper snack. Some of them were so busy, they don’t even have time to go and check out other stalls…

The girl’s team  who were selling milkshake with the awesome outfits.

Many interesting things happened at the fundraiser, too. There were some weird looking icing, and teachers would do funny things for the students to see with the food they buy. Even though we have work to do, but we still have some time to study, but this time, the yr.7 Vietnamese class student have to sit and study on the ground because most of the tables are use down stair to put the things and goods on, and the best thing to the students is they don’t have to study the lessons for as long as they usually do because they still extra time to set up stalls before the little people have their break.

At the end of the day, our humanities teacher, Mrs.O’Sullivan calculated the amount of money in total, she was quite surprised at first too, just like us, about the amount of money we made…We were very happy about that and even though everyone was very busy, they have a great time, and the little primary kids look likes they have fun too, and it was a really great experience for us, and the whole thing was a huge success, all of are very happy !!

One of the Yr.7 student and our Humanities teacher.


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