Language B essay : Lions been kept in cages

Lions been kept in cages…?!

I think it’s cruel and wrong to kept lions in cages; lions should be free and enjoy its life as a wild animal and suppose to be running around in the wild. Every lions have its own freedom and deserve to run around with its fellow lions in the wild, I believe that keeping lions in cages is still wrong even if it would be taken care by people.

Lions are animal that was born in the wild, and suppose to be apart the jungle world; it’s also a part of the food chain. By taking them away from their home and lock them in a cage is not just cruel but, it would also takes away the lion’s freedom and instinct and will affect the food chain, and the earth’s natural system. Many lion is used for entertainment for people and slowly all of them will lose their natural instinct, things like been trap in the zoo, and have to work their way in the circus…and while the others lions is in the wild, it will be harder for the lions to start growing population because a lot of their kind has been taken away, especially for male lions.

Another big disadvantage for the lions like when the situation is lions been kept in the zoo, people in business expect the lions to attract people and tourist for them and make them some money, but once their freedom been taken away, everything they own is gone too, people came and expect lions to do what they suppose to do but when they arrive the lions just going to sit around and been lazy, they are not active because once they came into the zoo, all they can do is just to sit around until the zoo keeper give it its next meal, the lions was not able to go and run, hunt its prey so in the end it fail to kept its natural instinct.

Even when there are many bad things about this but many other people would think this it better for them because they are been taken care of, they are completely safe from hunters that is wondering in the wild, and also they don’t have to worry about the about food or have to defend a entire group just to makes sure they can be safe.

Even though lions is been taken care of and they don’t ever have to worry about anything much, I still think and always will believe that lions should be free because since there is not much lions left in the wild, we should preserve these natural abilities and skills of the lions as much as we can and not just to protect these animals, also to live up to its name as one the most impressive wild animal.


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